Dogliani Superiore DOCG
Our idea

From the time the first grape clusters appear on the vine their history, all the way to the bottle, is already written. The art of turning the harvest into the wine that graces your table has a secret: preplanning of how the grapes will become wine. Assuring the same care from the vine to the final refinement of the wine. Needless to say we are in complete conformity with the specifications for our DOC and DOCG .

It is our firm policy to respect the environment. It is more than just an imposed duty for companies operating in agriculture. Therefore our company strictly follows the European Economic Community's regulation requiring a reduction of chemicals used to enhance production. On the other hand weed killers are completely banned from the property and for many years we haven't even used insecticides (except as required by law). Once the different products are placed in their tanks, they aren't mixed any further.
The product placed into a tank to become wine stays pure and unmixed all the way to the bottle. By doing this we can have personal faith in the quality and in the future of the wine that will develop from our grapes. By keeping each batch, cuveè, separate and with aging schedules from 10 to 22 months we are able develop varied refinements of our wines. As we work the wines we strive to always get the right balance between stability, product delicacy, and the product's structure. By doing this the wines are stabilized, clarified, and filtered without any of the overworking possible in these operations. It is our conviction that we shouldn't sacrifice the wine's basic structure to its stability and brilliance.


Some of our vineyards are recently planted , other instead are very old. All sunny exposed, looking south and on top of the hills. Arriving in Costa Prà we renamed the vineyards, replacing old names by a woman's name. Less historical, maybe, but surely more poetic.

Exposition : South (just the western point of Vigna Serena look in South-West direction)
Height : 480-520 meters on sea level
Soil : Clay / chalk, clay / limestone
Training system: : Guyot
Average yield : : From 4000 to 7500 kg/ha
Total vineyards surface : 3 ha (5 ha with implant rights)
Cellar work

Few cellar works are necessary, but they must be made with high respect of the wine. The most of the work is attend the wine during its evolution, taking care to preserve its state of health. All this, practically, is done checking the condition in which the wine becomes refined and seize the right time to prepare it for the bottle.

Grapes arriving in the cellar are destemmed and pumped in the tank, where are let quiet waiting that fermentation to begin. A couple of days after we start the pumping over,and we do it twice every day. This can last for as long as 30 days for the Dogliani. At the end of racking the wine is kept only in stainless steel tanks, and as soon as the condition let it, we do a micro-oxygenation. The refining process proceed with periodical decant until we judge that bottling time is arrived.